My intention is to support maternal wellbeing using sound healing, song, embodiment practices and healthy dialogueI have a decade of experience working with healing, body connection and empowerment

I am a trauma informed, insured and qualified Vocal Sound Healing Practitioner, Macrobiotic Healing Coach, Ecstatic Movement Dance™ Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. My work is inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly. After living and travelling in various parts of the world, I am now nestled in the Scottish Highlands with my partner and baby.


After my own positive birth experience, I am excited to work and support maternal wellbeing. Helping mamas-to-be to explore a gentle, yet empowering and embodied pregnancy, to find trust in their bodies in labour and ignite body connection, for new mothers postnatally.

My enthusiasm for joining the dots with movement, dialogue and sound, comes from my own life challenges and experiences with eating disorders. It was from here, after my body began to express pain and discomfort, where I began to enquire within and learn modalities for personal and then professional development. I am always happy to share my journey of healing with others, who may find it useful and perhaps, inspiring.

I created Firm Feet® in 2015 to help others balance mental wellbeing. I crafted and held the popular Dance in the dark® movement meditation session’s regularly in London and sound baths in Edinburgh. I have hosted groups for mental health programmes, events, retreats and workshops, online and at venues around the world.

I’m a Vocalist, Producer and Songwriter. You can find more about my music here.

If you’re drawn to working with me, please get in contact and we can have a chat about your intentions and needs. 


  • Macrobiotic Coach. Levels 1, 2 & 3. Oriental diagnosis, Anatomy and Physiology, Eastern philosophy, healing & cooking, the classical meridian system, nutritional coaching & counselling skills at International Macrobiotic School Devon & Instituto Macrobiotico Portugal
  • Makka-Ho, Do-in Meridian Exercises for Physical & Spiritual development at International Macrobiotic School Devon & Instituto Macrobiotico Portugal
  • Movement EAD™ teacher training at School of Ecstatic Movement
  • Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training® with Petra Jean Phillipson/Sound & Space certified by the College of Sound Healing®
  • Soundscape and Sound Bath Training with Ruby Larimar College of Sound Healing®Tuning Forks in Healing with Keith Oddy College of Sound Healing®
  • Authentic voice for wellbeing with Alexandra Rigazzi Tarling Sound Relaxation Centre
  • Non Violent Communication (N.V.C) Foundation + Intermediate Training at MadetoBe
  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy – CPD certified
  • Certified Integral Sound Healing with Gongs with The Sound Healing Academy
  • Shoden Reiki 1 + Okuden Reiki 2 Certification
  • TRE® Proces. Tension, Trauma & Release Exercises with TRE® Scotland
  • iEvolve & Foundation personal development programmes with The Concorde institute, London